21 September 2006

This Picture Means That We Are For Real This Time

This map, courtesy of the Boston Globe, speaks volumes about this campaign. And once again, allows me the chance to say, "Bring it on Kerry Healey!" Can you imagine what her map would have looked like in a contested primary against a real candidate? Say Bill Weld? Keep up the energy, keep up the momentum, we need to carry this feeling all the way into November.

"One of my favorite quotations comes from a Mississippi civil rights activist who said, "Don't tell me what you believe. Show me what you do, and I'll tell you what you believe." One way to show people what you believe is how you spend your money. Consider what your family budget says about you. If your family falls on hard times, do you spend money on vacations and fancy dinners or do you pay for health care and education? A government is no different. Budgets are moral documents that measure our beliefs and commitment to our fellow citizens. When you see a budget that gives big tax breaks for the rich, but cuts programs for the poor and middle class, it tells us something about the moral values of the people who wrote that budget. That is why it is so troubling for me to see Republicans proclaim themselves as the party of "family values." -Sherrod Brown


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