19 September 2006

Tuesday Night's All Right For Winning

I am an unenrolled voter --- always have been and probably always will be. I come from a long line of unenrolled voters. Needless to say, I did not participate in today's election. I had little to fear this year, as all the Democratic candidates would have acquitted themselves well and I congratulate them on (for the most part) well-run, clean campaigns.

Still ... You know what goes really well with Deval Patrick and Tim Murray winning? A celebratory glass of Baker's bourbon. It also helps soothe the pain of Bonifaz's loss.
And (merely two minutes after writing that first sentence) I'm pretty sure this is the last election in which I'll be unenrolled.

And congratulations again not only to the Patrick, Murray, Galvin and other winning campaigns, but to all the candidates who sought office. I hope that each of them continues to seek out ways in which they can help Massachusetts become a better place for all of its residents.
Now, let's get to work, there's a corner office to get back.

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Blogger lecollye said...

I don't get it. Though unenrolled, you can still vote. Why wouldn't you go out and vote for a guy like Bonifaz?

20 September, 2006 12:01  
Blogger W A Hurd said...

I've got no good response, I'll admit, but I'll try to give my actual reason.
Until recently, probably around 2002, I didn't really consider myself a member of either political party. I'd voted for Republicans, Democrats and Independents and I made my choices based on the individual candidates in question, rather than party affiliation. In fact, the only primary campaign in which I participated was McCain's 2000 bid, though that was a short-lived and misguided attempt.

Because I didn't consider myself a member of any party, and because my political leanings were not represented by any party, I was willing to let those who actually did identify with a particular ideology choose who would represent their party in the election. In my mind, a primary wasn't for party outsiders, but for those who had an ideological stake in who would carry their banner into the general election.

I still stand by that theory, but now that my politics have changed considerably, and now that I do consider myself a Democrat in principle, I have no excuse for not voting yesterday, save some vestigial opposition to being a member of any party.

I would have supported Gabrieli or Reilly in the general had they won. I would have gladly supported Silbert had she won or Deb Goldberg. Even Bill Galvin isn't the bogeyman that Bonifaz made him out to be, though he does leave much to be desired. But that's precisely why I should have voted yesterday, not why I should have stayed away. My willingness to support the candidates other than Patrick, Murray and Bonifaz in the general proves that I am more a Democrat than I am even a Patrick et al supporter and that I had --- perhaps for the first time --- a personal stake in yesterday's outcome.

In other words: I blew it. Hope that makes sense.

20 September, 2006 13:09  

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