19 September 2006

Last Night's Daily Show

I've been an avid watcher of The Daily Show since the early days of Craig Kilborn. Over the years, there have been episodes that were memorable for their hilarity, or their poignancy, or their articulate grasp of that day's particular tragi-comedy of politics. Rarely, if ever, however, has a single episode managed to put together all three as perfectly as last night's episode. Beginning with Jon Stewart's "apology" to Robert Novak for Stewart's "airs of grandeur," continuing through Jason "Mr. Samantha Bee" Jones' report on Bleu Copas (the Arabic translator who was discharged for being gay) and concluding with Stewart's interview of President Bill Clinton, it was as if I were watching the platonic form of "The Daily Show." If you missed it, try and catch this evening's re-airing or find it somewhere on the internet. I would say more, but you'd be better served by seeking it out and watching it yourself.


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