20 September 2006

So it's Kerry Healy vs. Deval Patick and Reed Hillman vs. Tim Murray... Bring it on.

Needless to say, last night was a pleasant surprise. Disappointed as I may be about the results for Sec. of State (however not surprising) and the State Senate race in the Berkshire, Hampshire & Franklin district (the guy who won is younger than me with no political experience, and more importantly, a good friend's mother was running against him), I am excited moving forward, particularly in the Lt. Gov slot. Tim Murray is going to be an asset to this ticket in a number of ways; from bringing out the vote in the state’s #2 urban area, to most importantly winning some towns in the Republican dead zone between Worchester and Springfield.

We really need this one, not because the Republicans have been in the front office for the last 16 years, but because Kerry Healey is a garbage candidate and Reed Hillman is even worse. I tried to watch her speech last night but stopped when she stopped making sense and just starting trying to scare people. She is bad for Massachusetts and especially bad for the working/lower middle-class voters she is trying to court.

Deval’s victory speech actually inspired me and made me feel like I was watching the end of Hoosiers. It reminded me why I love politics and why I still believe that it can be an amazing vehicle for change. Deval Patrick is exactly what we need as a state, he will be a unifying politician, he will bring back Massachusetts to a state that others admire and not insult, he will bring out state colleges out of the trash, and he will make the necessary changes that we need to take down the Big Dig/Old Boy’s Club on Beacon Hill.

The next and the last...


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