26 September 2006

New Poll! Yay!

I see via Pollster.com that a new (to me) poll came out on today (or the 24th), that shows Patrick leading Healey 57% to 24%. It's a seven point drop for Patrick, and a one point drop for Healey from last week's SurveyUSA poll taken during and right after the Deomcratic primary. There's no data that I can find about either Mihos or Ross, as it's a Rasmussen poll and you need to subscribe for all that statistical goodness that I pretend to understand. As expected the 40 point lead has shrunk somewhat as the glow of Patrick's primary win has faded. Still, 33 points is a fairly hefty lead and this one might be the start of real numbers for Patrick. If so, it's his --- actually, our --- office to take, and let's help make that happen.


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