25 September 2006

Argh. Just Argh.

Watching the gubernatorial debate (Channel 25) and things seem to be going swimmingly: Mihos attacking Healey, Grace Ross making Deval look like a centrist, Healey being healey. Chris "Bill Clinton Made Me Cry" Wallace is moderating and asking some of the questions, but he then turns it over to a "voter." Who's the voter? Some anonymous mechanic from Framingham, a single mother from Lawrence, a retiree from Greenfield? Nope, it's long-time Massachusetts resident and absolutely apolitical Shonda Schilling, asking an incredibly scripted question about mandatory sunscreen application merit pay in schools. Great, I'm glad they couldn't have had someone else ask that. Here's praying they at least get Bridget Moynihan to ask a question about health care or Cape Wind.

Hopefully, I'll have a substantive wrap-up tomorrow afternoon, but I needed to post that. Also, Chris Wallace: I can't get the Clinton interview out of my head, so I'm having a hard time paying attention to this.


Blogger lecollye said...

And she doesn't even vote in Massachusetts...


26 September, 2006 15:23  

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