17 January 2006

George Costanza


Until this morning, it had been light posting over here, mainly because I've had trouble sleeping. It seems, however, that all it took was one good night's sleep --- and an early wake-up --- to put me back in the posting spirit. I hope that all of you (both of you) consider this a good thing.

Unfortunately, since I'll be returning to school in the next couple of weeks, these furious postings will likely become less frequent. Even though I enjoy this more than I do graduate work (at least at my chosen institution), there's money involved in one and not the other. HDT has been posting, so at least it's not all on me now to keep you coming back. Also, we're still figuring out how this all works. Even though we've been reading blogs and such for quite some time, we're both new to contributing ourselves. I've found it much more difficult than I anticipated it would be, though I can't speak for HDT.

I'm rambling now, so I'll leave you with this fun tool, via Crooked Timber. This is what I was able to make with it:

AaaMeR at the tracksICAN Train

à ThENs


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