16 January 2006

Who the hell is Buddy Rich?

Yesterday being Dr. King day, it was Emerson's job to write profoundly about the day and its many meanings. Therefore, today, it is my duty to bring you to the lighter side. Who the hell is Buddy Rich anyway? If you didn't already know, according to the All Music Guide, "When it came to technique, speed, power, and the ability to put together incredible drum solos, Buddy Rich lived up to the billing of 'the world's greatest drummer.' Although some other drummers were more innovative, in reality none were in his league even during the early days." In other words, he was the Neal Pert and Lars Ulrich of his day. His talent as a drummer is not however, what I would like to discuss. I actually couldn't tell a Buddy Rich solo from a Gene Krupa solo to save my life.
Buddy Rich came into my life around the age of 16, listening to what were known in bootleg taping circles as, "The Buddy Rich Tapes." These were tapes my boss at the record store had of Buddy Rich flipping out on his band mates in between set tirades. This was not just a regular old cuss out however, Rich loses his mind on just about everyone in the band over and over again. It is a pretty wonderful thing to hear. As with the great bootleg hidden tapes of the Troggs arguing and Linda McCartney well, screeching, the Buddy Rich Tapes are a bootleg classic. The reason I wrote this in the first place is that I found them online here for everyone to enjoy complete with partial transcripts.
On a side note, I must amend previous post about the 2005's 10 best films to include "Grizzley Man," directed by the great German filmmaker Werner Herzog. I rented it today on DVD and was so blown away that I actually watched it again, to take in all of the amazing cinematography. Aside from the fact that it is one of the more beautiful films I have ever seen, it is probably the most honest exploration of genuine insanity that I have yet to see on film. This should be the next film you rent, unless you need to see "Wedding Crashers" again, you drunk bastard.


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