14 November 2006

Why Do Many Conservatives/Republicans Believe That We Love Terrorists?

I stumbled by this opinion letter from the Lincoln News Messenger out of Lincoln, CA, recently and was once again amazed at the opinion of the Democratic Party/Liberalism in some corners of this country. This is not an isolated letter. This is the opinion of many people in this country, and if we are ever going to bring this country back to where it belongs, we need to work to make these ideas obsolete and bring people back to the table.

Here is the full letter with my comments interwoven:
It seems all lackeys for the Democratic party have been instructed to pour venom into newspaper Letters to the Editor. I'm not a lackey for anybody. I'm a citizen who deplores what liberal Democrats are doing to destroy America. America is in a moral value free fall.

What will you get if you vote Democratic?

You'll get higher taxes. You'll pay more income tax, sales tax, estate inheritance tax, property tax, school tax, car license plates and driver's license fees, to name a few. Democrats love high taxes.
You're right, we probably will have to raise taxes, not because we like them, as much as we believe in the things they afford. We also have to raise them because of the spend crazy President, his tax cuts for Bill Gates and Shaquille O'Neil and for pork projects like Ted Stevens "Bridge to Nowhere."

When did taxes become the end of the world? Do you like schools and roads? I know I do. Well, taxes pay for them. Can you imagine what would happen if we privatized the roads? There would be a beautiful Chanselise in and out of Beacon Hill and the Ho Chi Minh trail in and out of Roxbury.
What about terrorism? Liberal Democrats will give away more intelligence secrets to aid and abet our enemies as they have. Watch liberals surrender to "pacifism" as did England's Neville Chamber-lain before World War II. Watch liberals kiss up to USA haters in the world. Liberals will do away with The Patriot Act, prevent tracing bank accounts of terrorist organizations, prevent profiling, prevent listening to terrorists' phone calls and demand prisoners are treated kindly (like terrorists treat Christians and Jews)!
This is a big misconception that we as liberals need to fight our way out of. When did we become the ones who like terrorism? That is just crazy. All but one Rep voted in favor of the war in Afghanistan. No one supports anyone who wants to kill them. How many liberals do you know that think we should "give away intelligence secrets?" Do you know anyone who wants us to be attacked? This crap has got to stop and we are the ones who need to stand up to those calling us soft on terror and tell them it is a load of crap. Oh, and for the record, Chamberlain was a conservative.
You'll witness a bigger push toward homosexual marriage, more teaching your kids about homosexuality. Forget the ABCs.
That's it kids! Screw fractions today! We are going to hear a sermon from Rev. Ted Haggard and watch Madonna videos all afternoon. C'mon.

Watch for a dumbing down of students, allowing every kid to graduate with a diploma from high school regardless of their learning skills or desire to study. You'll see less talented teachers hold teaching positions in exchange for union membership and votes for liberal candidates.
O.K. first of all, they are getting to the point of graduating without skills because somebody cut school funding. And secondly, why would we blame students for failing schools? Isn't that like blaming ground soldiers for losing a war? Also, that whole thing about less talented teachers holding positions in exchange for liberal votes, is just plan conspiracy theory crazy, maybe we can call in Michael Moore on that one.

Think Hollywood is bad now? Just wait until liberal Hollywood produces more violence and garbage on TV and in movies. And watch for filthier magazines.
Since when are there conservative Hollywood producers? Aren't we the one's who want to ban violence on TV, and you are the ones who want to ban sex? Also, there are already filthier magazines than you could ever imagine behind those black shields at the 7-11. What we need people to realize is that US magazine is causing way more damage to our society than Hustler and Anal Adventures ever could.
Watch the medical profession become subservient to socialized medicine.
This too is a big one. To quote Olga Pierce at UPI: "As a nation, the United States spends far more for healthcare than other developed nations. Americans spend an average of $6,102 per person while in Canada -- the nation with the second highest level of spending -- the average spending is $3,165 per person. In the World Health Organization`s ranking of the health systems of its 191 member countries, the United States is ranked 37th, in the neighborhood of countries like Cuba and Slovenia."
Observe liberal Democrats socializing wealth, spreading your earnings among those unwilling to earn their own way. Capitalism will become a thing of the past.

Think immigration is bad now? Wait until liberals open the floodgates to immigrants in exchange for their votes. Being a citizen of the USA will become meaningless. You'll pay more of your earnings to support illegal and legal immigrants.

Think of Nancy Pelosi, the San Francisco liberal extremist, as speaker of the House, a liberal Senate, Hillary Clinton and her morally bankrupt husband returning to the White House in 2008.

Imagine more lax abortions laws, repeal of partial birth abortion, drug laws knocked down, criminals including pedophiles, receiving sympathy from liberal judges who pity criminals, not their victims.

I think we get the picture? It just gets too overwhelming---I, as well as most of A-A's readers and contributors could go on-and-on and could easily make our own list about what would happen if the Republicans had won on Nov 7th. This however, is not what America needs right now. I know that I am as much a perpetrator of this type of negative stereotyping against Republicans as anyone, and it has to stop. We need a new game plan. We need to start sending a strong message about what we believe and we need to make it clear. When the other side tries to contort it, we need to make it clear again. We are at a crossroads coming up to 08', and rather than stall Bush's policies for 2 years, we must search out that compromise, that middle ground, and bring people back to that table to make this country better for the Americans who really need it. Any ideas?


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