07 November 2006

And that was the last we ever heard of Kerry Healey...

AHHHH!!! Oh sorry, I'm glad I'll never have to get used to seeing that. Bye Bye Kerry Healey. It looks like you are no better at winning the state, then you were at winning the Essex 6th...Goodbye to your administration that pushed our state back 15 years. Goodbye to your lies, your culture of hate and your xenophobic fear mongering. We don't want you in charge of anything anymore and a good chunk of us are glad to see you go. May you go the way of Evelyn Murphy, Teve Torbs and Color Me Badd.

Fast Forward 20 years:
Guy #1: Who was that woman we had as Lt. Governor under that Mormon guy who lost in the '08 primary?
Guy #2: I think her name was Evelyn Healey? Yeah, something like that.


Blogger Aaron said...

Nothing is more annoying than a sore winner. I suggest following the lead of Patrick, and being gracious to Healey and Romney for their service, seeing as the campaign is over.

07 November, 2006 23:15  
Blogger lecollye said...

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07 November, 2006 23:20  
Blogger lecollye said...

Wow and I thought that I held back on that one. First of all, I didn't win, Deval and Tim did and no I will not be gracious to a Gov who makes fun of the state he runs and a Lt. Governor who has done very little other than pose for photo ops and incite fear in the electorate. Oh and Wooo!!! Hooo!!!

07 November, 2006 23:23  

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