07 November 2006

National Exit Polls

Just in case you stumble upon this site before myDD, Chris Bowers put up some Senate numbers he'd heard. Here they are:
VA: Webb 52-47 Allen
RI: Whitehouse 53-46 Chafee
PA: Casey 57-42 Santorum
OH: Brown 57-43 DeWine
NJ: Menendez 52-45 Kean, Jr.
MT: Tester 53-46 Burns
MO: McCaskill 50-48 Talent
MD: Cardin 53-46 Steele
TN: Corker 51-48 Ford
AZ: Kyl 50-46 Pederson
So that happened. That's six seats, which puts the Dems at 51 seats.

Stay tuned, we're all gathered in one room tonight and it's going to be a race to be the first to post when something happens. There's also some podcast technology here, but we have no idea how to work it, so we'll see where that goes.


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