07 November 2006

Really, in Virginia?

Totally ridiculous and un-important, but the race in Virginia's 5th Congressional district is between Virgil Goode and Al Weed, making this the Goode-Weed election. Awesome. Also, I'm sorry for bringing this to your attention, but we're excited right now and so we're laughing at things we might not usually.

More importantly: Brown and Casey are projected to win seats in the Senate; Ellsworth has already been declared the winner over Hostettler while Yarmuth leads Northrup. We're on our way. This night has been fun so far. As Lee just said, "Nothing bad so far."

P.S. Tucker Carlson is sans bowtie this evening. Is that new? It's rather disconcerting to have to pick apart his words rather than his cravat.


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