05 October 2006

Patrick up a Larry Bird on Healey

Sorry, training camp just started and I'm a little giddy about the Celtics this year. More importantly, though, is the new Rasmussen poll that just came out, putting Deval Patrick at 57%, Healey at 24% and Mihos at 9%. Also, Healey's unfavorability gap has widened from a -2% to a -11%; the article doesn't list Patrick's unfavorables, but pegs his favorables at 71%, 34% of which is "very favorable", so he's got that going for him. This is good news, but this was a September poll, so the events of the last few days aren't reflected there.

As Charley at BMG jokingly mentioned, Patrick supporters shouldn't know about this but should keep working to increase this lead and ensure his election. Well, I'll happily give out the morale boost, so long as it's known that races almost always tighten the closer one gets to election day. At this point I doubt it will be a nail-biter, but it will be much closer than the last few polls have indicated. Of course, I've been wrong before, so I suggest we all try to make these polls right come election day.


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