09 January 2006

Monday (Not-So) Morning Notes

I had an awfully long post about a couple articles in the Globe this morning, but my computer froze and so it is lost to time. Suffice it to say:

1. Boston's homicide rate is not as bad as Baltimore or D.C., yet not as good as Austin, Portland or Seattle.

2. The defense should not have to prove anything to obtain grand jury records, or any records. The burden of proof is on the plaintiff in criminal cases and nothing should undermine that. That said, I do think that the prosecutor should be able to supress those records, given abundant reason to suspect ill action, specifically witness intimidation, will result. But it should be the prosecutor who seeks the supression not the defense who seeks the release. Then again, I'm not a lawyer, so I could be wrong.

3. Police, specifically increased numbers are them, are not the answer. Never have been and never will be. Concentrating existing law enforcement on new initiatives and projects, using them in more concerted efforts, is a potential solution, and one that has worked in other places and at other times.

4. Stop cutting programs that assist inner-city youth. How can anyone act surprised when we find out that the homicide rate skyrocketed, with mostly 15-24 year olds involved on both ends, at the same time we cut funding to programs designed precisely to aid and assist that population?

Okay, national news time. (You're beginning to imagine just how long the prior post was and thanking my computer for eating it, aren't you?) Sam Alito's confirmation hearings started today at noon. Well, introductions started at noon, which means the actual hearings will start tomorrow. Luckily enough, that gives you enough time to read this by ReddHedd of firedoglake. If you don't feel like you know as much as you want to know, or want to make sure you know what you think you know, check it out.

Lastly, and conveniently, though perhaps not coincidentally, BushvChoice and NARAL have combined their pro-choice powers to form Blog for Choice. Seems to me that this could be a valuable forum for advocating choice and combatting some of the arguments put out by anti-choice circles. They've got an incredible consortium over there, so if you're interested in it --- or in the future of privacy in the US --- hop over and read some of the best bloggers on the subject.

Okay, I'm done for now. Hope everyone had a good weekend and that your weeks are off to a good start as well.


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