08 January 2006

Everything You Know About Lemmings Is A Lie

Son of a bitch ...

Trivia for White Wilderness (1958):
"This picture was filmed in Alberta, Canada, which is not a native habitat for lemmings. They were imported from Manitoba for use in the film, and were purchased from Inuit children by the filmmakers. The Arctic rodents were placed on a snow-covered turntable and filmed from various angles to produce a 'migration' sequence; afterwards, the helpless creatures were transported to a cliff overlooking a river and herded into the water. The entire sequence was faked using a handful of lemmings deceptively photographed to create the illusion of a large herd of migrating creatures. This has become the basis of a widespread belief that lemmings commit suicide en masse when their numbers grow too large, which is not the case.
Disney. Leave it to Disney.


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