07 January 2006

And What A Wonderful Weekend It's Proving to Be

Yay! The sun is shining, there's great college basketball on, NFL playoffs start in a couple hours, The Female Companion has the day off and, to top it all off, Tom Delay is relinquishing his Majority Leader status. Every once in a while, the world spins at just the right speed.

Better yet, he's adamant about running for re-election in November, which is good news for two reasons: (1) He's, as you might expect, a little vulnerable against any legitimate (read: breathing) Democratic candidate, and Nick Lampson is more than legitimate. (2) If he does end up getting hauled off to jail or so embroiled in scandal that even he decides his candidacy is a lost cause, any replacement will have no momentum and be introduced late in the election cycle, making it even easier for Lampson to take the seat. It's still far from a given that Lampson will win the seat, but with every day and every relevation about Delay's thuggery, chicanery and out-and-out illegal behavior, it gets just a little bit easier for him.

On 5 December, SwingStateProject ran a CNN/Gallup poll that had an un-named Democrat leading Delay 49-36. The same poll showed Delay only 37% of his constituents had a favorable opinion of him, with 52% unfavorable. Things have only gotten worse for the Hammer since then. The only thing that worries me is the 3% gap vbetween his unfavorables (52%) and those who would vote for "Democrat" (49%), and the 1% gap the other way (36% approve, 37% vote). As I said, it's not a long shot, but it's no slam dunk either.


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