09 March 2007

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame "Definitive 200" List is a Bunch of Crap

Months after they first announced its inception, the official list of the 200 albums that comprise the Definitive 200 list has finally been unleashed on an angry world and boy does it suck. Considered to be 200 albums that every music lover should own, it should be noted that The Definitive 200 is not an attempt to spark a dialogue on the history of pop music, but rather a transparent attempt by the record industry to spark sales in their back catalogue. In addition to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (who inducted their first hip-hop act just this week!!!), the list is co-sponsored by the National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM), which represents over 7,000 music stores in the U.S.

I know these type of lists are supposed to suck, what was I expecting? Well, when I first heard about this list I assumed that it would have some integrity and that I would at least be able to respect the first 10 selections. This however, was not the case. It seems as though the completely out of touch RRHOF decided to have circus animals rank these though osmosis. If this list was unranked I would almost be able to shut up about it, but since the RRHOF decided to rank these albums 1-200, they have left themselves wide open to my insults. I will now rant through (some of) what I see to be glaring omissions and laughable choices at ranking the Definitive 200 albums of all time:


Was this decision made by a team of middle school boys circa 1992?...

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