09 January 2007

The Dangers of Internet Political Quizzes

A few years back, when I was a freshman in college, one of the first friends I made was a libertarian. He wasn't a "libertarian when convenient" like so many of our chirping pundits or Republican congresspeople, but a legitimate libertarian with whom I spent hours arguing about whether or not the government should continue to deliver mail, construct and maintain roads and highways or educate children. I'm not speaking merely of the federal government, but any government. His stubbornness and complete adherence to the (what I consider foolish) principles of extreme libertarianism were in a way admirable and fascinating, especially to someone who was struggling with his own political identity, as I was at the time. ...

The rest is at the NEW AND IMPROVED American Athens (which doesn't have to deal with Blogger's seven-hour outages) .


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