02 February 2006

Pre-1776 Mentality

Sorry for the layoff, if anyone's out there, but I have yet to get reacquainted with doing things other than staring at my computer. Hopefully, I'll have adjusted by Monday. I'll figure it out. Meanwhile, here's a sitting US Senator posting on DailyKos:
I've seen some strange things in my life, but I cannot describe the feeling I had, sitting on the House floor during Tuesday's State of the Union speech, listening to the President assert that his executive power is, basically, absolute, and watching several members of Congress stand up and cheer him on. It was surreal and disrespectful to our system of government and to the oath that as elected officials we have all sworn to uphold. Cheering? Clapping? Applause? All for violating the law?
Russ Feingold ladies and gentlemen, Senator Russ Feingold.


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