27 January 2006

Romney in the Globe

In an article in this morning's Globe, Gov. Mitt Romney describes how his Mormon faith will help him win the Republican nomintation for President in 2008. While I'm skeptical that it will help him, I don't think it will particularly hurt him either. That, however, is not the most interesting piece of the article.

When asked how he would have differed from President Bush in handling certain issues and events, there was this nugget:

''Going in [to Iraq], we wouldn't have rested our entire case on weapons of mass destruction, had we known that when we got there, we wouldn't be able to find them," Romney said of the US invasion of Iraq. ''We probably would have explained to the American people in great depth -- and the world community -- the broader set of reasons for the president's decision to enter Iraq."
Mitt Romney thinks that the Bush Administration knew there were no WMDs at the outset of the case for war with Iraq. Now, this is by no means a new idea for many liberals, progressives and, really, disinterested observers. But for a high-level Republican --- Romney is the head of the Republican Governor's Association --- to admit such a thing is something different altogether. This statement ought to be brought up to Romney again and again, in order to bring the focus back on the specious rationale of the war and --- failing that --- to destroy Romney's very slim chances for attatining the Republican nomination.

(I'm trying a new publishing software this morning, so this post may not be formatted correctly. If you have problems reading this, let me know in the comments.)


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