25 January 2006

Smell the booze.

Booze news from statehousenews.com:

STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, JAN. 25, 2006..Lawmakers on Wednesday advanced a legislative ban on any restaurant or bar in Massachusetts from offering its customers the use of an alcohol vaporizer machine, the device used mainly in Europe and marketed as the "ultimate party toy."
"This is about the epitome of irresponsible drinking," Known as Alcohol Without Liquid, or AWOL, the device attaches an oxygen generator to a handheld vaporizer and mixes hard liquor with the oxygen.
The vapor is inhaled through the nasal membrane, resulting in a quicker "high," said state Treasurer Timothy Cahill, who testified today in favor of the bill.

Do we really need to make something like this illegal? The short answer is...Yes. Yes, because you know you 17 year old cousin will get his grubby little hands on one. You know he'll try to vaporize gasoline or red bull or something else ridiculous, killing him and six of his pre-collegiate buddies. You know there will be weeks of needless, time consuming, outcry from parents flooding the media; and we will once again forget that there are still thousands of starving people in our own communities who need food a lot more than vaporizers. So, before your mom starts crying about your stupid cousin and his six dead friends, let this one slide through without too much b.s.. While were at it, let's slap anyone we know who inhales their booze rather than drinks it, for being a euro-trash pansy.


Blogger W A Hurd said...

I couldn't agree more. Read about it this morning in the Globe and was indignant at first, but came to my senses based on largely the same process. But I'll be honest, even if it they only vaporize booze it's bad news. Without the booze filling your stomach or burning your throat, you're more inclined to keep it going. Of course, not being a euro-trash pansy, I wouldn't know for sure.

25 January, 2006 16:01  
Blogger lecollye said...

Yes quite true, but gasoline would "FUCK YOU UP."

25 January, 2006 17:25  

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