27 January 2006

Even counting the work done by myDD and Swing State Project, this is the most comprehensive compiling of polling data I've seen since the 2004 election. Over at dkos, user dreaminonempty has a thorough look at Bush's approval ratings from November through January, complete with pretty maps. Even if the information as useless as I've been led to believe concerning past posts on polling data, it's still fun to pretend. So, go, and pretend away.

UPDATE:So, that was me putting my foot in my mouth a little bit there. The folks at myDD have just released the first numbers from their poll, and more should be coming. I can't believe I forgot about their tremendous effort. Not only did they compile data from other polls, they put their own in the field. Check it out.

UPDATE 2: I have been shamed. There are many polling outfits that bust their asses to discern public opinion and disseminate that important information to us. One such outfit, a tremendous resource, is Post a Comment

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