20 January 2006

Boston Superintendent Search

Why are we still discussing whether or not there should be a student on the search committee? This particular debate should have been settled the moment it was broached. What, exactly, is the downside of having a student there? I can't think of one, but I can think of several reasons why it might be a good idea: seeing how each candidate will interact with those whom he could be supervising; getting feedback on what qualities a candidate should possess, in their eyes; hearing issues that surround the school system from those for whom it exists; and, it's spectacular PR to have a high school junior up on the podium or around the table. All of which are good reasons for a student to be on the committee. My original point still stands: there's no good reason for a student not to be on it.

If someone can think of one, I'm willing to hear it and, as usual, be proven wrong.


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