18 January 2006

I Finally Found Someone To Say It For Me

I was fairly irate last night after I read Christopher Hitchens' piece on Huffington Post, and was actually looking forward to reading along as the blogosphere tore him open for making self-aggrandizing statements at the expense of the troops.
I believe the President when he says that this will be a very long war, and insofar as a mere civilian may say so, I consider myself enlisted in it.
Then I woke up this morning, and no one cared ... or they liked the article. When Cheers and Jeers and Andrew Sullivan are agreeing with one another, and you disagree with both, well, you start to question your own sanity. Luckily, The Editors at The Poor Man Institute are crazy, but my kind of crazy.
Um, yeah. Insofar as a 5′8″ white man with no game can say so, I consider myself a first-ballot NBA Hall of Famer. Personally, I can’t until terror is totally defeated, and all these rugged civilian-veterans can get together at the local VFW hall and trade war stories. “Remember that time I ran out of Mountain Dew, and you ran all the way to the fridge to get me another one? You saved my life that day, man. And FREEDOM!


UPDATE: Fucking wankers.
Thank you.


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