10 August 2006

This Post Good For Republicans

You might think that after a year in which seemingly nothing has gone well for the Republicans --- not the war, not Medicare, not Social Security, not the economy, not, well, you get the point --- that someone, somewhere (non-traditional media excluded) might point out the the Republicans are back on their heels. Rather --- with more than fifty percent of Americans favoring a Democratic takeover of Congress in the fall; sixty percent opposing the War in Iraq; Republicans Tom Delay, Bob Ney, Duke Cunningham, Jerry Lewis and Katherine Harris all either indicted or facing indictment; President Bush's approval hovering at 40% --- the Republicans are in great shape.

And why are Karl's Kids so obviously in the driver's seat? Two words: Ned Lamont. Personally, I think the GOP will have a hard time branding a WASPy, Greenwich cable executive as a radical liberal. Lamont, though a progressive in some senses, doesn't have the foot-in-mouth issues that some great progressive *cough* Dr. Dean *cough* hopes have had, therefore allowing fewer opportunities for national media to display just how wacky and out of touch Lamont is. (note: Dean and Lamont are actually both moderates but that's for another day.)

There is, of course, also the national security matter, on which Republicans feel they have the upper hand. I don't know enough about international relations, foreign policy, or anything of that ilk to make bold pronouncements concerning that situation (it's not going to stop me anyway). I don't think, however, that, approaching the five-year anniversary of 9-11 without the capture of bin Laden, Zawahiri and the descent into madness that is the Middle East, the Republicans can really run on a record of success. Of course, they couldn't run on a record of success in 2004 either and it didn't seem to matter.

It seems that the Democrats might want to steal --- and promptly paraphrase --- an oft-stolen line in preparation for the fall: "Are you safer now than you were five years ago?" In light of this morning's events, it shouldn't be hard to make a compelling case that America is not, and that failed Republican foreign policy is as much a culprit as Islamic Fundamentalism.


Blogger Peter Porcupine said...

Please advise.

They CAUGHT the 21 terrorists in Britain. They CAUGHT the terrorists in Florida. And on and on.

Since they are CATCHING them, why would we feel less safe?

Ignoring the Cole, ignoring the first WTC bombing, ignoring the Lockerbie crash - THAT was supposed to make us feel safer?

10 August, 2006 17:01  

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