08 November 2006

Happy Day

Now that most of the votes are in, it's time to celebrate the change that was set in motion last night. Deval Patrick is our Governor, and this is just a preview of what is to come:

This was not a victory just for me. This was not a victory just for Democrats. This was a victory for hope.

If you missed it, you should read the transcript of his victory speech.

The Democrats have taken the House, and are currently two wins (in Virginia and Montana) short of taking the Senate. James Webb's victory in Virginia will likely lead to recounts, but for now, it is hopeful. The results from the Montana race between Tester and Burns should be in later today.

In Missouri, Claire McCaskill's victory was made all the better after the drama concerning her stem cell research ad. And in South Dakota, voters rejected the controversial abortion ban that would allow an abortion only to save the mother's life.

Let's hope that these changes mean that we will have more answers and accountability from the White House. Let's hope that for the next two years, the Bush administration will have some 'splainin to do. Today is hopeful, indeed.

Update: Further rejoicing!


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